1. On your smartphone go to: www.zoetispetcarerewards.com or open your camera app & scan below
  2. Enter your preferred email address and your unique password, then press “Sign Up”
  3. Enter your name and zip-code, then press “Sign Up”
  4. Add your pet’s information and veterinary practice, then press “Save & Continue”
  5. Click on the in the right upper corner of the page and hit “My Settings”
  6. Scroll down and click “Verify Email”. An email from Pet Care Rewards will be sent within a couple minutes. While you’re waiting for the email, provide your street address & phone number and hit “Save”
  7. Once you’ve received the email, open it and click on the link provided to activate your account.
  8. MOST IMPORTANT: Click on the small circle in “My Settings” to activate Auto-Transfer. Now your points will automatically load onto your card once you upload your first eligible receipt! Your card will arrive in the mail to the address provided. Happy saving!

Once you’ve accumulated $10 in rewards, you will receive a MasterCard debit card in the mail. Please be sure to fill out your address information in your loyalty account and confirm your email.

For FAQ’s visit https://www.zoetispetcare.com/faq